To have a well managed and safe home you maintain pillars with good practices and values. CCNC Home Solutions has created network pillars that have been identified by our experts. We cater for these network pillars for your home network efficiency and security.

How is my network similar to my house?

At CCNC Home Solutions our experts have a short simple explanation to visualize your home network. Thinking of the average house, you have many access obstacles to get into your home and network:

  • Public Road – The outside streets host all the public access and routes to your house. This is like the internet where you have everyone utilizing this area to share access to each other.
  • Driveway – Your house links to the public streets through your driveway, which in a network is a modem. This creates the connection to your house from the public area.
  • House Gate – The crossing onto your private space is your house gates, which is like the router that is connecting the modem to your internal network. Not everyone chooses to have a gate or secure this entry point, but never the less it is still the entry point to your property.
  • The front door – The primary entry point to your house is your front door. Your devices connect to the network through your network access, regardless if this is wired or wireless.
  • The windows – When looking out the window you get to see what is out there, like your web browser. Similar to the window, a browser can also be an additional access point to the outside world.

CCNC Home Solutions’ specialized Home IT Solutions Architects have done the research not only to simplify the home network for you, but also to assist with understanding its uses and how to protect it. Your network is like your home

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What are your network pillars based on?

Our goal is to ensure that every household has a structured plan to cater for every vulnerability. Unlike other consultants, our Home IT Solutions Architects have identified that the family is the primary value in the home and the secondary is your information. Our pillars focus not only on measures to protect your precious documents, photos, emails and videos, but we focus on methods to protect your children and family members from being impacted by the digital world around us.

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