The local area network (LAN) is the conversion of the public network to a usable service to your internal network. You will have a device like a modem to connect you to the internet like your electric box. To convert it to a switch board like your electric switchboard in the house you would be using a router to allow for wired and wireless access to this service. The average house will have both the modem and router in a single device. Additional features provide better access and control to a network.

ROUTER – managing your local area network

The router is basically used to manage your access to the network. Unfortunately many home users are using the default password settings and names for their devices. You would need to protect this by changing the password and settings to avoid easy access to other users of your network. If your neighbour connects an extension cord to your electric box and takes it to use in their home. Furthermore imagine that they can hijack your controls of your electricity in your household. CCNC Home Solution’s expert Home IT Solutions Architects are very aware of these issues. We will help protect and prevent you from being a victim of having your network hijacked.

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You may think that your LAN features is wired and wireless. Yes, these are the most important features to connect most of your computers, laptops, tablets and mobiles. You may not be aware that VOIP is an additional feature that many are moving to instead of physical phones. To make a saving on the cost of your home landline rental you can move to NBN or naked broadband services. You use your landline less these days because you are using mobiles. At CCNC Home Solutions, our expert Home IT Solutions Architects can assist you with using features like VOIP. We will also assist with security filters to protect your network and even parental controls to protect your loved ones.

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